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Our Work

上帝視角 Omnisci Aesthetics Clinic

Branding Establishment

EaseeGlobe instructed the founder, Dr. Zhuang to frame this brand positioning, brand personality and based on it we created CIS(Corporate Identity System) that aligned with its brand story. With consistent brand visual communication and accurate marketing exposure we’ve helped Omnisci Aesthetics Clinic quickly expand the brand from Zero to One. Our tailor-made branding consultancy equips you the ability to build a brand in a right way and make it known effectively.

PinCo拼扣磚 PinCoBrick

Branding Reconstruction

After carrying out a thoroughly diagnosis on PinCoBrick’s current branding status, we knew “Rebranding” is the only way out. We studied international market trends of the industry to formulate a brand diffusion strategy with a new brand value so that the client could go to the international market fast and smoothly. That’s how we so it ! EaseeGlobe examines all the elements of a brand for your company. We find problems and we fix it.

Unfortunate Cookies

Brand Identity and NFT Design

EaseeGlobe found the client’s brand Personality by multiple tests and tailored its brand story based on the results. With CIS(Corporate Identity System) design and NFT issuance, we’ve Increased its brand awareness in a very short period of time. EaseeGlobe’s branding consultancy is not just about branding. We provide precision marketing to make you a big hit.

展翊豐 FLIHI Technology

Brand Transformation

Rebranding this 30-year-old manufacturer and assisting its sub-brand creation ware a huge task. From new logo design, CIS(Corporate Identity System) re-establishment to international fundraising strategies, we covered all. EaseeGlobe help clients navigate change, combining creativity and strategy. Let’s make brand transformation not a fantasy but an action.

EaseeGlobe Branding Consultancy This is How we do it

As an entrepreneur you have to know all the elements and the structure of Branding

Branding is not formed in a day. It is what customers feel about you. From brand story, visual design to social platform management, all the elements are intricately intertwined so that every step must be well-planned.

EaseeGlobe analyzes your current branding status and examines your plans and vision. Through collecting in‑depth information and understanding the pain points that have been troubling you, we create the name, the story for your brand, then define your personality, positioning and CIS(Corporate Identity System) that separate you from others. After brand positioning and visual design, we turn focus on the marketing aspects. Our team specializes in building a website that aligns with your brand personality and brand visual Identity to further empower your storytelling. And along with a string of marketing strategies from SEO keyword planning to social platform management, your brand recognition will significantly increase.

EaseeGlobe is a branding consultancy that architects comprehensive branding system that spans across all touchpoints and connects all the dots.

Looking for brand transformation?

You need to figure out the following questions

What is your reaction to the ever-changing environment?
How can I break through this digital world?

Is your target audience accurately identified?
How do your competitors view you?

What are the industry trends?

Now you are certain that...

you need brand transformation but how?

Everything is being digitalized. The pandemic has even advanced this matter, making many corporations realize that to survive and to avoid price competition, you need to “Rebranding’’.

Taiwanese companies are very capable of making things. But when your products go overseas, you either compromise your profit margin or you find a foreign company to sell it for you because no one knows your brand. One day companies with cheap labor force start making similar things, you start feeling the pressure. ‘’Branding’’ is what you need to reverse all of this.

EaseeGlobe branding consultancy will help you reverse this. Our professional branding teams offer anything you need when it comes to “Branding”. We will make you a winner in this red ocean!

The Succession is killing me !

My revenue is declining. My profit is shrinking. Competitor keeps popping up. I’m about to take over the firm. I want some change, but senior managers are blocking my new ideas. What can I do about it?

EaseeGlobe branding consultancy provides clear and structural rebranding plan to sharpen your brand positioning, to refine your brand vision, to achieve brand transformation.

With our help, your story becomes powerful. That’s when you become a real leader.









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